Where is TIDL located?

TIDL is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

What are plant powered ingredients?

These ingredients have been extracted from different plants because they have shown efficacy in making formulas better in pain relief application.

What do TIDL products smell like?

The signature scents of TIDL products is a major focus of our team because we strive to make products that people can apply and go about their day. We know that nobody wants to smell like medicine, especially in public so we utilize our natural ingredients to create pleasant scents across all products.

How are TIDL products different?

Every TIDL product has gone through years of research and development to curate the safest and best ingredients to deliver sound relief. Many aspects have been taken into consideration, including novel dosage forms that eliminate the need to manually rub products in as well as scents that are soothing and comfortable to wear in public. TIDL products are enrolled in various clinical studies to assure their efficacy in relief and muscle recovery.

How much cryotherapy spray is needed?

Depending on the intensity of pain or usage, generally one to two sprays over the affected area is sufficient to feel the cooling relief instantaneously.

What is sports recovery?

Aches and pains are a part of training and playing sports, and TIDL products can help relieve those ailments. TIDL is made to deliver effective relief so that consumers can recover and return to the activities they love.

Are TIDL products good for arthritis?

Yes! The pain associated with arthritis is an indication for the active ingredients used in TIDL products.

What is 360° spray technology?

The cryotherapy spray can be held at any angle and still deliver a consistent mist to cover surface area wherever relief is needed. This is especially beneficial for back pain, leg pain, and other hard to reach places as no rub in is needed.

Who uses TIDL products?

Pain and daily aches effect many people from everyday working individuals to professional athletes on the largest stages. TIDL is formulated to relieve pain, regardless of the consumer. Professional athletes rely on the intense relief that TIDL provides, and it comes in a form that the average consumer can use to enjoy the benefits of the sound relief that TIDL delivers.